This year, the Medical Auxiliary is honored to present scholarships in the amount of $15,000. These students have demonstrated through their application essays a steadfast commitment of their lives and talents to the will of God despite the many challenges endured. Thank you to each and every generous Auxiliary member who enabled us to support this year’s scholarship recipients by participating in our efforts, including our “From Stressed to Blessed” program, which you can find as a link on our website.

Victoria Chung – SM ’20

7dbec05c-4873-461a-ab17-fb1cd8106f2aThough a popular and successful chemistry teacher, Victoria shared the turning point in her life, which was the night she almost lost her brother. There was absolutely nothing more that the best of modern medicine could do, and that she remembers committing her most desperate moments to the will of our Great Physician. She describes the peace that then came to her. From her experience, Victoria resolved to become a Loma Linda University-trained physician so that she could provide physical healing, as well as spiritual healing by teaching patients and their families about Jesus.

To the Loma Linda University Medical Auxiliary:

Thank you so much for your generous contribution to my medical school tuition. This scholarship is especially meaningful, as my family has been on food stamps for the past few years, and would be homeless if it were not for kind grandparents. It is so uplifting for my parents to know that God provides, even if it is not directly from their hands. On behalf of myself and my family, please know that you are an incredible blessing and an example of Christ’s grace. I consider it an immense privilege to attend Loma Linda University, and have been amazed at the compassion for others and love for God that I see in my professors and classmates. Thank you for making this dream possible!

Sincerely, Victoria Chung

Kimberly Leith – SM ’20

7dbec05c-4873-461a-ab17-fb1cd8106f2aKimberly worked as a licensed practical nurse, always doing her best to “uplift families and patients in spiritual matters,” as she did throughout her college days as an avid campus ministries worker. She recognizes that her mother, who raised her and her sisters, as a single mother, sacrificed so much in order for them to get the best Christian education possible. Kimberly wants to make the most of her mother’s sacrifices and believes that she can become a physician, whereby she can reach and influence even more people towards Christ. In her culture, it is rare for a Jamaican woman to achieve the status of a physician. Kimberly hopes that her increased sphere of influence as a physician can impact more people towards Christ.

To the Medical Auxiliary Scholarship Committee:

The Medical Auxiliary Scholarship awarded to me has personally meant so much. After applying to Loma Linda, and realizing that I would have to accept the maximum amount of loans offered, plus added governmental loans, I was distraught, but still excited to be able to go through with my dream. Because of this scholarship, I am able to reduce the loans I have to take out, and am able to support myself while here at school. I would like to thank the LLU Medical Auxiliary for this generous gift and for the multiple blessings that come with it. I will do my very best to honor your donation, and become the best possible physician I can be.

Sincerely, Kimberly Leith

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