Meet the Board

2017-2018 Board

President: Cay Paw
President Elect: Alice Yeo
Past President: Cyndi Gil
1st VP: Sharon Stewart
2nd VP: Ann Oshiro
Parliamentarian: Edie Deming
Finance Officer: Verlon Strauss
Programs Chair: Donna Hadley
PR Co Chairs: Judy Heinrich, Krista Woodruff
Cookbook Chair: Sandy Pappas
Decorations Co-Chairs: Michelle Meyers, Danielle Hoxie,
DUO Co-Chairs: Betty Wang, Ann Oshiro
Hospitality Chair: Anita Lui
LWH Co Chairs: Jolene Hillard – Sharon Stewart
Missions Co-Chairs: Patti Hall, Joyce Reiswig
Auxiliary News Co-Editors: Aileen Chan, Janice Schilling-Stone
RMA Sponsor: Sheila Hodgkin
RMA President:
JMA Sponsor: Alice Yeo
JMA President: Andrea Sayler
Scholarship Co-Chairs: Lynda Chan, Darlene Mizumoto
Special Projects: Rose Hill, Tiffany Hadley
Tree of Angels Co-Chairs: Priscilla Lonser

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