I would like to thank everyone who served on both the executive board and the Auxiliary board this past year with President Cyndi Gil. You have reflected the goodness and dedication that make me proud to be part of such a wonderful organization. Also thank you to the many talented and dedicated people who came out to support our Auxiliary functions by helping out behind the scenes, by donating to the various projects or by attending our events.

As the new year begins, I reflect upon how many dedicated board members have already started to plan for the next year. The Little White House (LWH) members have been busy sorting through items for stocking up for the next round of student give away and Do Unto Others (DUO) members have already printed up the cards to be send out. Furthermore, Tree of Angel, Scholarship and Missions committee members are in full swing planning mode while we are all busy planning for the different Auxiliary events that will guarantee to be fun and enjoyable fundraisers for very good causes.

This year’s theme is “Be the Light, Reflect the Son” as stated on the DUO card painted by Aileen Arakaki-Chan, co-editor of Auxiliary News. I truly believe that everyone who had been and is involved with the Auxiliary, is the Light and does reflect the Son. I am blessed to be part of such dedicated, talented group of people and I look forward to the coming year. Would you consider bringing a friend to be part of this great organization? Let’s have a wonderfully blessed year by being the Light and reflecting the Son. Aloha.


Cay Ishiguro-Paw

Cay and Sam Paw 2017-2018 Pres1